Kevin Imamura
Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Deceased
  • 1996
Cause of Death
  • Strangled
Killed By
Physical Information
  • Male
Relationship Information
Significant Others
  • Student at Lake Mead High

Kevin Imamura is a human boy who appears in Spellbinder. He is a student at Lake Mead High who is seduced by Blaise Harman.

Spellbinder Edit

Kevin, like most of the other boys in school, quickly becomes infatuated with Blaise when she and her cousin, Thea, begin attending Lake Mead High. Blaise chooses Kevin as her new 'plaything' and he quickly becomes determined to win her affections over that of his rivals, apparently oblivious to the fact Blaise cares little for him. Kevin was supposed to be taking Blaise to the Homecoming Dance, but she never actually showed up to his house. He eventually came to the dance himself and confronted Blaise, who claimed he gave her the wrong address, toying with him. When Blaise's mentally unstable ex, Randy Marik, turns up at the dance seeking her, Kevin attempts to defend Blaise, but this angers Randy, who slashes him across the face with a razor. Fortunately, Randy is apprehended and Kevin is not seriously harmed.

However, a few days later, after Thea accidentally unleashed the spirit of Suzanne Blanchet using a spell, Kevin's body is found by Thea and Eric Ross in the school gym, which Kevin had been decorating for the upcoming Halloween dance. It is discovered he was strangled to death. At first, Thea wonders if Randy killed Kevin, but after learning that Suzanne was falsely accused of strangling babies with her long hair, tortured, forced to watch as her younger siblings were killed and then executed, she realises that Suzanne was the one who killed Kevin. At the time, Kevin had been hanging up a witch dummy, which was found near his body, as part of the decorations, and upon seeing it, Suzanne's spirit became enraged and killed Kevin in revenge for what was done to her and her family.

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