Lake Mead High School is a secondary school in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is the primary setting of Spellbinder. Thea and Blaise Harman begin attending the school after going to live with Grandma Harman, due to being expelled from their other schools. There are a few other witches attending the school, the majority of which belong to the Circle Midnight (with the exception of Dani Abforth). Thea's soulmate Eric Ross attends Lake Mead High and meets Thea at the school. Blaise's mentally disturbed ex-boyfriend, Randy interrupts Lake Mead High's Homecoming Dance and threatens the students, before being overpowered and taken away. After Thea accidentally unleashes Suzanne Blanchet's spirit, she targets the school due to the upcoming Halloween Dance, which includes decorations depicting stereotypical witches being tortured or killed. Thea manages to send Suzanne's spirit back beyond the veil with Eric's help, preventing Suzanne from harming any more students, though she managed to kill one unfortunate student, Kevin Imamura. Thea apparently continues to attend Lake Mead High for some time after supposedly drinking from the Cup of Lethe to erase her memory of the Night World, intending to transfer into the school's zoology class.

Appearances Edit

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