Lawai'a Ikua
Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Female

Lawai'a Ikua is a minor character in Spellbinder. She is a witch and a member of Circle Twilight.

Spellbinder Edit

Lawai'a is apparently the oldest witch out of the young members of Circle Twilight, who gather together to celebrate on Samhain. She is also mentioned as being a friend of Thea Harman. She is the de facto leader of the group, standing in the middle of the room and instructing her fellow Circle members on conducting the circle casting. Thea Harman guesses from her red costume that Lawai'i came dressed as the fire goddess Pele. She is the first to notice when Aunt Ursula and Nana Buruku interrupt the casting, startled due to this being unprecedented. She "faintly" greets Ursula with a "Good Samhain", before Ursula summons Thea and Dani away to the Inner Circle. When considering drinking from the Cup of Lethe to erase her memories of the Night World and thus enable her to live in peace with her soulmate, Eric Ross, Thea briefly thinks about Lawai'a and how much she would miss her, indicating the girls are quite close.

Physical Appearance Edit

Lawai'a is described as being "pretty" and "sturdy", with long, dark hair "like black nylon". She wears a red shift and lei (a wreath or garland of flowers often worn in Polynesian cultures), to represent Pele.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Lawai'a can be translated to mean "fisherman" in Hawaiian.
  • Pele, Lawai'a's personal deity, is the Hawaiian goddess of fire, volcanoes, lightning and dance. The mountain Kīlauea is said to be the home or body of Pele in Hawaiian mythology. Also according to myth, Pele helped form the islands of Hawai'i.
  • It can be assumed, given Lawai'a's name, appearance and her close identification with Pele, that she is originally from Hawai'i.

Appearances Edit

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