Lost Witches or Psychics are the Night World's terms for describing a witch that does not know that he or she is a witch. In certain cases, several members of witch clans interbreed with humans or become mixed in with human society.

As a result, the witches themselves and/or their descendants forget their original heritage and mistakenly believe themselves humans as well. Despite this, their powers as witches remain present, usually manifesting as some kind of psychic ability, including telekinesis, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, psychic dreams and precognition.

However, this can have a negative effect on the mind of the lost witch, as their lives can be dramatically disrupted by the manifestation of their unfocused power, causing some to resort to escapist measures to cope, such as alcoholism in the case of Gillian Lennox's mother

The Night World fully accepts lost witches who have rediscovered their origins. However, the reaction of the lost witches to learning about their true heritage varies; some accept it and begin formal training in witchcraft, taking their place among the clans, or some will deny their birthrights and continue to live as normal humans.

Notable Lost WitchesEdit


  • While it is illegal under Night World law for witches to fall in love with or marry humans, lost witches are the sole exception to this rule, due to not being aware of the Night World or what they really are. This is likely because, since they don't known about the Night World, they technically cannot betray it or knowingly break the rules.
  • It is also legal for vampires to turn lost witches into made vampires, as they are, technically, already part of the Night World, as is the case with Poppy North and James Rasmussen.
  • Although technically not a Night World clan proper, lost witches are regarded as another subset of witches.