Lucienne Blanchet
Biographical Information
  • c.1647
  • Deceased
  • 1653
Cause of Death
  • Burnt at the stake
Killed By
  • Executioner
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information

Lucienne Blanchet was the younger sibling of Suzanne Blanchet and Clèment Blanchet. She lived in France in the sixteen hundreds and was a victim of the Burning Times; tortured and executed along with her siblings for the "crime" of witchcraft.

History Edit

It is stated in Grandma Harman's book of witch ancestors that Lucienne was just six years old when she was executed, in the year 1653. This would mean that Lucienne was most likely born in 1647. As her older sister, Suzanne, was a witch, it is highly likely that Lucienne was a witch, too, though this is never explicitly stated. Lucienne presumably lived a normal life with her sister and brother Clément, until Suzanne was arrested and tried for witchcraft in 1653.

After Suzanne was tortured into confessing to horrible crimes she'd allegedly committed, Lucienne and Clément were tortured as well; the witch-hunters presumably believing that they, as the relatives of a witch, were witches as well. Despite being a child, Lucienne was found guilty of witchcraft and sentenced to death, along with her siblings. Presumably because of her young age, the court requested that Lucienne - and her brother as well - be strangled before being burned, in order to spare them a slow and agonising death. Unfortunately, the executioner wasn't paid enough and sent Lucienne and Clement to be burnt alive. Suzanne was forced to watch, and when she was burned as well, she vowed to avenge her siblings' horrific deaths.


Lucienne is mentioned in Grandma Harman's book on witch ancestors, which Thea Harman and Dani Abforth read in an attempt to discover the identity of the spirit Thea had accidentally set loose. Upon reading the story of Suzanne and her siblings, Thea and Dani guessed that Suzanne was the spirit, and that she had murdered human Kevin Imamura in revenge for what what done to her and her family.

Later, in order to lure Suzanne to her and send her back to the spirit world, Thea made dummies resembling Suzanne and her siblings, including one of Lucienne. Eric Ross set fire to the dummy of Lucienne and also stabbed it with a burning stick, in an attempt to distract Suzanne from Thea whilst she prepared the sending-back spell.

Etymology Edit

The name Lucienne is French, and means 'light' or 'illumination'.

Appearances Edit

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