Madder Rasmussen
Biographical Information
  • Aunt Maddy (by Ash)
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information
  • Unknown
Significant Others
  • Interior Decorater

Madder Rasmussen (nee Redfern) is a minor character featured in Secret Vampire. She is a lamia vampire and a member of the Redfern family, the wife of Jasper Rasmussen, sister of Alder Redfern and mother of James Rasmussen. She is also the aunt of Rowan, Ash, Kestrel, and Jade Redfern.

Physical appearanceEdit

Madder is stated to have "jet-black hair with a sheen like lacquer and a perfect figure". She additionally has "cool-gray and heavily lashed" eyes. 


Madder appears to be a poised and elegant woman, yet she retains a cool detachment in regards to her family, especially her son James. She is nearly clinical in her dealings with James, and is not above infiltrating his mind telepathically to determine his true feelings for his soulmate, Poppy. Both Madder and her husband were responsible for orchestrating the death of James's beloved nanny, Miss Emma, whom they felt James was becoming too "attached" to.

She and her nephew Ash appear to have a warmer relationship, the young lamia affectionately calling her "Aunt Maddy". 

Secret VampireEdit

Madder is referenced by James when Poppy needs to go to the doctor after having serious abdominal pains; Poppy expresses envy that his mother never tries to "fix" him, but James replies that Madder in fact "doesn't really care if [he] come[s] or [goes]". 

When he is barred from seeing Poppy over a misunderstanding and fight with her twin, Phil, James goes to his mother, who had asked to see him. She greets James coolly, then inquires about Poppy, as James had earlier visited his father, Jasper, about the matter. James does his best to contain his true emotions, setting up a mental block against Madder's "probing". He pretends to be done with worrying about Poppy, comparing it to "losing a pet". Madder, convinced by his act, stops her mental invasiveness and gently tells James that if he is still having troubles, she can have his father recommend him to "therapists": vampires who will reiterate to him that humans are vermin and only a food source.

As James departs, she additionally informs him that his cousin, Ash, will indeed be coming to stay with him, which James mentally reacts to with irritation.

Other novels Edit

In Soulmate, James makes an oblique reference to Madder and his father, stating he "didn't pick [his] parents" to Hannah Snow, to which Poppy replies that "nobody would have picked" them. 


  • Madder is a type of plant that is used to create a red dye for fabric and paint; the dye derived from the plant roots is called "Rose Madder" or "Madder Lake".