Maiden, Mother, and Crone are the highest ranking positions of the Inner Circle. Together with the Inner Circle, the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone are the leaders of the witch community. The positions are apparently held for life, with Aradia Crowley stating in Black Dawn that the Maiden becomes the Mother, then the Crone, presumably inheriting each position once it becomes vacant. The current Maiden of the witches is eighteen-year-old Aradia. The Mother of the witches is Cybele. The Crone of the witches and the head of the Inner Circle was Edgith Harman until her death in Witchlight. Cybele is serving as the leader of the witches now (though it isn't known if she took the title of Crone).


  • It is unknown whether Mother Cybele replaced Grandma Harman as the Crone, or if Aradia became the new Mother and a different Maiden was selected.
  • The positions are probably inspired by the 'Triple Goddess' of some neo-pagan traditions, where the Goddess has three 'aspects' which coincide with three stages of a woman's life - Maiden, Mother and Crone. The Triple Goddess is often represented by a symbol resembling the moon in different phases - the Maiden is a waxing moon, the Mother a full moon and the Crone a waning moon.
  • The terms 'maiden, mother and crone' also refer to the names given to the life stages of female witches (young witches are called maidens, elderly witches are called crones and so on).

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