Mancy Redfern
Biographical Information
  • Unknown
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Male
Relationship Information
Significant Others

Mancy Redfern is a lamia vampire and a member of the Redfern family. According to the family tree, he is the father of Mal Harman, one of the protagonists of the upcoming novel Strange Fate. It is unknown at this stage if Mancy will be also be appearing in the novel.


Mancy's exact relation to the Redferns is unclear. The mother of his son, Mal, is a Harman witch named Rosemary Harman. It is unclear if the pair are actually married. Strangely enough, Mal doesn't have his father's surname of Redfern, but his mother's surname of Harman (a decidedly witch practice). Furthermore, Mal is stated as being a vampire-witch hybrid, whereas most vampire-witch offspring are either a witch or a lamia, rather than a mixture of both.


  • Mancy bears some similarities to his ancestor, Hunter Redfern, who was also married to a witch, Maeve Harman. However, Maeve and Hunter's children were all girls and were also either mostly lamia or witches, rather than 'true' hybrids.
  • Mancy is an English name, mostly used for girls rather than boys, meaning "gracious".

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