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They call me Mary-Lynnette. That do speak of me.
Daughters of Darkness

Ash? Get bent and die.
Daughters of Darkness

Don't you see? We've gotten mixed up in this Night World – and it's a place where bad things can happen. Not just bad like flunking a class. Bad like . . . Like getting killed dead. And that's serious, Mark. It's not like the movies.
Daughters of Darkness

But we're not kids. We can't be like Jade and Mark, and just hold hands and giggle and never think about the future.
Daughters of Darkness

If we've got forever, then you can give me time. Go back and wander a little. Take a look at the Night World and make sure you want to give it up.
Daughters of Darkness

Take a look at humans and make sure you want to be tied to one of them.
Daughters of Darkness

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