Mary Kennedy
Biographical Information
  • 1938
  • Deceased
Cause of Death
  • Natural causes (presumably)
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information

Mary Kennedy (also known as Mary Campbell after her marriage) was one of the daughters of Elspeth Harman, the mother of Anna Dominick and grandmother of Iliana and Alex Dominick. Through her mother, Mary was a member of the Harman family and a lost witch.

History Edit

The family tree states she was born in 1938. Mary had two sisters, Jane and Beth. She eventually married a human man named Graham Campbell and had at least one daughter, Anna. Mary died without ever discovering her heritage, though her granddaughter Iliana did- she was also revealed to be a Wild Power and the Witch Child, prophesied to save the world and unite the witches and shapeshifters. It is also implied that Mary lived long enough to see the birth of at least her eldest grandchild, Iliana, and that the two had a relatively close relationship.

Witchlight Edit

Iliana mentions Mary in Witchlight when comforting Winfrith Arlin over the death of Grandma Harman, recalling how devastated she was when Mary died.

Physical AppearanceEdit

A description of Mary is never given, but it can be assumed she had typical Harman features, including very light blonde hair and violet eyes, as both her daughter and granddaughter have these features. She may also have been considered very beautiful.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Mary is of Hebrew origin, meaning "bitter lake or sea", "rebellious" or "beloved". It was the name of the mother of Jesus Christ in the Bible.
  • As a witch, Mary's surname should technically be Harman, though she went by Kennedy and later Campbell, due to being a lost witch.
  • The family tree states that Mary was actually the grandmother of Gisele and that Iliana is descended from the Harmans through her father and Emmeth Harman. However, this directly contradicts information given in the books that Iliana is the great-granddaughter of Elspeth. Also, if Iliana were actually descended from Emmeth or her father, it would mean she wouldn't technically be a 'true' Harman, due to the lineage being passed down through the women in the family, which also contradicts the information given in the books. Therefore, the family tree is probably incorrect in this regard.

Appearances Edit

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