Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Male
  • Spy
  • The Night World
  • Maya (formerly)

Maya's werewolf is a werewolf who was hired by Maya, the first vampire, to hunt down the current incarnation of Hana of the Three Rivers. He is a minor antagonist in Soulmate.


Not much is known about this werewolf, save for the fact that in the late 20th Century, Maya hired him to track down Hana, the reincarnated soulmate of Thierry Descouedres - whom Maya wanted for herself - and tell her the girl's identity and location.


The werewolf manages to track Hana, now known as Hannah Snow, to her therapist's office in the town of Medicine Rock, Montana. The werewolf is hardly discreet about it - he rings the front doorbell to distract Hannah's therapist Paul, before crashing through the office window to get to Hannah, presumably to confirm her identity and perhaps even abduct her for his mistress. The werewolf sees Hannah's distinctive birthmark - which she has had in each of her lives since her first one - thus confirming that she is the girl Maya is looking for. Fortunately for Hannah, another werewolf, Lupe Acevedo - who works for Thierry - arrives and fights the werewolf to protect her. The other werewolf is bigger and stronger, but Hannah, recalling some knowledge from one of her previous lives, is able to injure the 'wolf with a silver picture frame. Paul is able to get back into the room, armed with a gun and shoots at the werewolf; although the bullets won't harm the werewolf, he realizes he's outnumbered and flees. Lupe follows him and continues to fight him. She is injured by the 'wolf, though she gives as good as she gets. Unfortunately, the 'wolf is able to escape and returns to Maya, telling her that he has found Hannah and of her identity.

The werewolf is presumably one of Maya's operatives who attacks Thierry's mansion in Las Vegas, attempting to get to Hannah, as howling can be heard, but they are driven off by the agents of Circle Daybreak. It can be assumed that the werewolf was the one who later betrayed Maya, telling the Daybreakers of Hannah's location after Maya abducts her. Thierry says that he was "unhappy about the way she [Maya] treated him", implying Maya was not a very good employer and perhaps treated the werewolf poorly for failing to retrieve Hannah for her. He had also suffered great pains and been injured numerous times in his efforts to please Maya, so it would be understandable he would hold a grudge against her for treating him badly. It is unknown what happened to the werewolf after Maya's death.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The werewolf is never seen in human form, but is described as being very big - much bigger and more muscular than Lupe in her wolf form, with black fur. It can therefore be assumed his hair is black in his human form.


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