Mind control, also referred to as mental influence, is the power to manipulate or control the minds of others. Many Night People, most notably vampires, have this ability.

Characteristics and Uses Edit

Mind control appears to be a very powerful type of hypnosis which some Night People naturally possess, though it takes time and energy to become highly skilled at mind control and manipulation. Mind control can be used to temporarily take over the mind of another person (or in some cases, animals) and manipulate or influence their thoughts and behavior. This can include rendering a person immobile or unconscious, erasing memories or planting ideas in their heads. Some Night People have such skill with mind control, they can influence a person to be completely obedient to them for an extended period. For vampires, this a particularly useful ability, as they can use it to easily subdue humans to feed on them, then influence them to forget about it, allowing them to hunt in secrecy and without having to kill to feed. It is possible to be able to control the minds of multiple people at once, though this takes a great deal of concentration and puts a large strain upon the person doing the controlling.

Witches also have the ability to influence minds, though to a lesser extent than vampires. They often employ spells, charms or potions to heighten their abilities. For example, Blaise Harman creates an enchanted necklace designed to lure humans, specifically boys, to her, using various spells, materials and designs to draw a boy in. Thea Harman also demonstrates the ability to mentally calm a rattlesnake and use mental influence to briefly "grab" the mind of Randy Marik, distracting him long enough to allow others to overpower him.

Limitations Edit

Mind control takes a level of skill and concentration. It can take up a lot of energy - James Rasmussen was noted to looked strained and sweating when having to influence the minds of three people at once. Mind control also does not work on everyone - most Night People, in particular witches, are naturally immune to mind control. Some humans are also shown to be immune to, or have an easier time resisting, mind control, most notably including the vampire hunter Rashel Jordan, who even as a child was able to resist Hunter Redfern's attempts to take over her mind. It is possible to resist mind control, by mentally blocking the other person or focusing on something else - distracting or immobilizing the person attempting to use mental influence will also break their control of another person's mind.

Notable users Edit

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