Moonhunter of the Red Fern
Biographical Information
  • Stone Age
  • Unknown
Physical Information
  • Male (most likely)
Relationship Information
  • Redwing (father)
  • Rushglow (mother)
  • Darkwalker (sibling)
  • Starlight (child)
  • Swiftbrook (child)
Significant Others
  • Ironwood

Moonhunter of the Red Fern was a lamia vampire and an ancestor of the Redfern family. Moonhunter was the child of Redwing, Son of Red Fern and Rushglow, and the sibling of Darkwalker. It is not clear if Moonhunter was male or female, though given the patriarchal practices of the Redferns - which may have extended as far back as the Stone Age - it can be assumed Moonhunter was a man, as his children inherited the title 'of the Red Fern'. Moonhunter had at least two children, Starlight and Swiftbrook. Through his father, he is the grandson of Red Fern, the first lamia.

Trivia Edit

  • Moonhunter is a traditional lamia name - the moon being a natural thing. The second part of Moonhunter's name is interesting, in that a descendent of his, Hunter Redfern, shares the name.

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