Nana Buruku
Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Female

Nana Buruku is a witch and a member of the Inner Circle. She first appears in the novel Spellbinder.

History Edit

Spellbinder Edit

Nana Buruku travels to Las Vegas, Nevada with the rest of the Inner Circle for the Samhain celebrations. After Thea Harman, Blaise Harman and Dani Abforth are accused of working forbidden magic, she goes with Ursula Harman to pick the girls up and escort them to the Inner Circle to be tried. After Thea runs out of her trial to help Eric Ross send back Suzanne Blanchet, Nana Buruku follows her with the majority of the Inner Circle and witnesses her sending the vengeful spirit back beyond the veil. She praises Thea's courage and is sympathetic towards her plight, she having discovered she is soulmates with a human (Eric). Nana Buruku agrees to let Thea and Eric drink from the Cup of Lethe so that she can become a lost witch and live peacefully with Eric, apparently unaware that Blaise secretly switched the potion with iced tea.

Other novels Edit

Nana Buruku neither appears nor is mentioned in any other novels, but it can be assumed she joined Circle Daybreak with the rest of the Inner Circle by the events of Witchlight.

Etymology Edit

Nana Buruku, also known as Nana Buluku and Nana Bouclou, is the name of the supreme deity/mother goddess of traditional West African religions, particularly those of the Fon people. She is sometimes considered to be the "grandmother" of all gods or the world, and in some myths, is the mother of Mawu and Lisa, the deities who created the human race.

Trivia Edit

  • Given the origin of her name, it is possible that Nana Buruku is originally from West Africa.

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