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The Night World Council, also referred to as the 'Joint Council', is the governing body of the Night World, responsible for creating and enforcing the laws of the Night World. It is considered to be the highest authority within the Night World for all races of Night People.

Structure and Role Edit

The Night World Council consists of the joint Elder Council and Inner Circle - representing the vampires and witches of the Night World respectively. Although not confirmed, the First House of the Shapeshifters may have some ties with the Council, as they represent the shapeshifters of the Night World. It is mentioned, however, that werewolves - who are considered 'second-class citizens', have no representation on the Council. Vampire members of the Council are known as Elders. The Council makes decisions that affect all species of the Night World and are largely concerned with ensuring the Night World is kept secret. They may occasionally mete out punishment to those who break the laws, if the crime is severe enough or if the criminal's own species fails to do so.

History Edit

The Night World Council was likely formed shortly after the creation of the Night World in the 17th century, to ensure peace and order was maintained, and to decide upon and ensure the upholding of the laws of the society. The members of the Inner Circle, even up to the 21st century, were not thrilled that a bunch of vampires controlled their affairs but accepted it to keep the peace between the species.

Since most witches seceded from the Night World in Black Dawn, only the darkest witches take direction from the Council now. Hunter Redfern was said to have practically controlled the Council until his death in Black Dawn. The Night World Council no longer seems so concerned with maintaining secrecy, so much as defeating Circle Daybreak, who are now openly at war with the Council, hoping to prevent the Wild Powers from stopping the apocalypse and thus assuming dominance over the world. Most members of the Council now appear to be vampires and other Night People loyal to them, alongside the recently awoken dragons.

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