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Night World Laws are the laws and rules that govern the Night World. They are considered sacred and are said to be unbreakable. The laws exist to protect the existence of the Night World from humans. The two cardinal rules are that Night People must never let a human know the Night World exists and they should never fall in love with one. The penalty for breaking either one of these laws is death for everybody involved.

There are laws that apply to specific creatures within the Night World. Werewolves, for example, are not allowed to kill humans because they eat the internal organs of humans, thus giving away the fact that an animal attacked the human. Vampires must seek permission from the Night World Council when changing humans into vampires. A Night Person who recognises an illegally made vampire has the right to kill them and their maker. Elders make sure Night World laws are being followed. The Council and other authoritative bodies of the Night World prescribe punishment when it is not.

Examples of Night World laws and their respective punishments (if applicable) include:

  • Openly expressing romantic feelings or attachments to a human; punishable by death.
  • Telling a human about the Night World; punishable by death
  • Allowing a human to live if they accidentally discover the Night World's existence; punishable by death
  • Making a person into a vampire without permission; punishable by death (unless said person was a witch or a lost witch, such as in the case of Poppy North)
  • Obtaining humans to use in a Blood Feast; punishment unknown, but possibly death, due to the risk of drawing too much attention and exposing the Night World
  • Failing to enforce Night World law or failing to report a crime; punishable by death
  • Killing or feeding from humans indiscreetly; likely punishable by death
  • Killing humans in an area where deaths are banned is a crime
  • Witches are banned from owning familiars
  • It is a crime to perform a blood-tie ceremony with a human

Trivia Edit

  • Just about every major non-human character in the series has committed at least the two main crimes of the Night World and gotten away with it.
  • Having seceded from the Night World, these laws no longer apply to Night People who joined Circle Daybreak.

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