See and vote here at our polls relating to the Night World series!!


<poll> Which is your favourite? Secret Vampire Daughters of Darkness Spellbinder Dark Angel The Chosen Soulmate Huntress Black Dawn Witchlight Strange Fate ALL!!! </poll>

<poll> Which is your favorite Night World couple? Poppy and James Mary-Lynnette and Ash Thea and Eric Gillian and David Rashel and Quinn Hannah and Thierry Jez and Morgead Maggie and Delos Keller and Galen </poll>

<poll> Who is your favorite Night World protagonist? Poppy Mary-Lynnette Thea Gillian Rashel Hannah Jez Maggie Keller </poll>

<poll> What kind of Night Person are you? Vampire Witch Shapeshifter Werewolf Dragon </poll>

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