Nissa Harman was a witch and member of the Harman family. She was the daughter of Edgith Harman, wife of Draco Saros and mother of Blaise Harman. She was also the younger sister of Selena Harman and the twin sister of Sophia Harman. Little is known about her, as she died giving birth to Blaise, shortly before her sister Sophia died giving birth to Thea. Nissa's husband died soon after, along with Thea's father, resulting in Blaise and Thea being raised by other family members.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Nissa (also spelt Nyssa) has a few meanings. In Hebrew it means "sign" or "to test", "elf" or "fairy" in Norwegian/Scandinavian and "woman" in Arabic.
  • There is another character in the series named Nissa: the vampire and Daybreaker Nissa Johnson.

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