Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Deceased
Cause of Death
  • Exsaniguination
Killed By
Physical Information
  • Human
  • Female
Relationship Information

...My sister suffered. When I found her, she was almost dead but she could still talk. She told me what it felt like, having all the blood drained out of her body while she was still conscious. She said it hurt. She said...
Nyala talking about her sister's final moments

Nyala's sister is mentioned in The Chosen. She was a young human woman and Nyala's older sister, who was killed by a vampire a month before the events of the novel.

History Edit

Not much is known about Nyala's sister - not even her name. It isn't mentioned where their parents are - one could speculate the sisters were runaways, living in the Boston area. Nyala and her sister were very close. Unfortunately, Nyala's sister was attacked and fed on by a vampire, draining her of blood. She was found dying by her younger sister. Nyala's sister told her that a vampire had killed her and also, presumably delirious from pain and fear, told Nyala how painful it was to be fed on whilst conscious (indicating she fought back against her killer, as vampire bites are depicted as being extremely painful if the person being fed on resists or it is non-consensual). Nyala's sister died shortly after from blood loss. Nyala was left traumatised by her sister's death and sought revenge for it. Her sister's murder made it into the local newspaper, where the Lancers came across it and tracked down Nyala, realising that it was a vampire killing. Nyala joined the Lancers hoping to avenge her sister. Nyala never did manage to track down the vampire responsible for her sister's murder; however, a month after her death, Nyala did succeed in burning down a vampire enclave, helping to rescue a group of human girls kidnapped by a group of vampires (lead by the powerful lamia Hunter Redfern), which may have served as some form of justice for her sister.

Appearances Edit

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