Biographical Information
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information

Unnamed mother (deceased)

Poppy North (daughter)

Phillip North (son)

Significant Others

Jesse North (ex-husband)

Cliff Hilgard (husband)

  • Unknown

Phillipa Hilgard is the mother of Poppy and Phillip North. She is the ex-wife of Jesse North and the wife of Cliff Hilgard (having taken her new husband's surname). She first appeared in Secret Vampire, and will be returning in Strange Fate

Physical AppearanceEdit

Phillipa is described as being a beautiful "cool blonde", with blue eyes. Poppy compares her to "an Alfred Hitchcock heroine". Phillipa's son Phil appears to take after her in appearance.

Secret VampireEdit

Phillipa first appears in the kitchen of her family home, where she insists her daughter eat breakfast before going out with James Rasmussen. She becomes concerned when Poppy suddenly doubles over in pain and insists she go see a doctor. Phillipa is supportive of her daughter whilst she is being tested but appears worried. When Phillipa is informed by Poppy's doctor that her daughter has pancreatic cancer, with little hope for recovery, Phillipa is devastated, even blaming herself for not realizing something was wrong with Poppy sooner. Phillipa tries to stay strong for Poppy's sake and is persuaded by her to go out with Cliff for the night. She is heartbroken when she comes home and discovers Poppy has 'died' - unaware that she is actually in the process of becoming a made vampire. She feels guilty for not being there for Poppy when she passed away. At Poppy's funeral, Phillipa becomes angry with her ex-husband Jesse for not getting in touch and failing to come see Poppy before she died; however, they both end up sobbing in each other's arms over their shared grief. At the end of the novel, Poppy secretly comes to see her mother whilst she is sleeping and whispers in her ear that she is fine now. Even though Phillipa doesn't believes in spirits or the afterlife, she smiles after hearing Poppy's voice, suggesting that she will eventually be able to overcome her loss and lead a happy life.


Phillipa is usually a very calm, collected person. She is logical and intelligent, and is very caring of and protective towards her family. She rarely gets flustered or loses control of her emotions; Poppy states that Phillipa "never cries", not even when her mother passed away or during her divorce from Jesse. It is only when Phillipa learns that her daughter has pancreatic cancer that her control slips. Upon first being told that Poppy has the disease and will most likely die from it, Phillipa is, understandably, distraught, repeatedly banging a coffee table and blaming herself for Poppy getting sick. Phillipa tends to only believe "what she can see"; as a result, she doesn't believe in things like spirits or UFO's. However, she is shown to happy, or at least at peace with herself, at the end of Secret Vampire, when Poppy (now a vampire) visits her whilst she is sleeping to tell her she's alright.


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