Phoebe Garner
Biographical Information
  • Deceased
Cause of Death
  • Tuberculosis
Physical Information
  • Female
Supernatural Characteristics
Magical Feats
  • Deflecting spells from her village

Phoebe Garner is a deceased witch mentioned in Spellbinder. Thea Harman attempts to summon her spirit to protect Eric Ross from her cousin, Blaise.

History Edit

Phoebe was born in England prior to the Burning Times. She kept familiars (animal companions), which were outlawed following the Burning Times. Phoebe lived in a village and was loved and respected by all its inhabitants, even humans, due to her using her magic to deflect spells from the village and keep the villagers safe. Phoebe sadly died young from tuberculosis and even human villagers gathered at her grave to mourn her. A piece of Phoebe's hair was later pressed into an amulet to be used to potentially summon her spirit and her name and story was recorded in a book of witch ancestors, which had come into the possession of the Crone, Edgith Harman, by the late 20th Century.

Spellbinder Edit

Edgith's granddaughter, Thea, performs a forbidden summoning spell in an an attempt to bring forth Phoebe's spirit to act as a guardian for her soulmate, Eric, whom her cousin Blaise was trying to harm. Thea read about Phoebe in Grandma Harman's book and thought she would make a good protector, due to her compassionate nature and friendly relations with humans. Thea got as far as cracking the amulet holding Phoebe's hair, but was interrupted by Blaise, who, believing Thea was trying to summon a spirit to attack her, tried to grab the box. In the struggle, the amulet of Suzanne Blanchet fell into the summoning fire instead, unleashing her spirit and later forcing Thea to trap her and send her back.

Personality Edit

Phoebe was described as being a "gentle" girl. She appeared to be very compassionate and caring. She also didn't despise humans (possibly because she lived before the Burning Times and so never saw the persecution of her race by humankind) and used her magic to protect and help them. The fact she kept familiars suggests she had a fondness for animals and her benevolence made her beloved throughout the village.

Physical Appearance Edit

Little is known of Phoebe's physical appearance, but her hair is described as having been auburn in colour and "very fine". It can be assumed Phoebe was very beautiful by human standards, like most witches.

Trivia Edit

  • Given Phoebe's benevolence towards humans and protective nature of them, it is possible she was a member of Circle Daybreak prior to its being disbanded due to the Burning Times.
  • The name Phoebe is derived from Greek, meaning "bright", "pure" or "shining". It is one of the names attributed to Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon, hunting and virgins. Her surname Garner means "to gather" or "to collect".

Appearances Edit

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