Potions are magically created elixirs, poisons, drinks or drugs, that can administer a number of different effects upon a person. The creating or brewing of potions is a skill possessed primarily by witches, though it is implied humans can be taught to prepare potions as well.

Characteristics and Usages Edit

Potions can come in a variety of forms and uses. Like spells, they can be used to cause both positive and negative effects. Potions typically use natural ingredients, such as herbs and plants, or animal products. They also require a specific process when making them for the potion to work. It is also implied that potions may require spell-casting during the creation of the potion. Potions can be used to treat illness or injury. They can also be used to cause harm to a person, to control them or even kill them. Potions can even be used to block or defend a person against certain spells; for example, Thea Harman used a potion on Eric Ross to negate the effects of a love charm created by her cousin Blaise. Most potions must apparently be consumed to take effect, though some potions can apparently be effective merely by making skin contact; as demonstrated with the above example, the potion Thea used was apparently effective by simply splashing it over Eric's skin and did not require him to physically consume it. Thea also uses a salve on sorts on her skin that is designed to attract people - namely Eric - to her.

Some potions are far more complicated or dangerous than others, requiring a particularly advanced and powerful witch to make them correctly. Particularly powerful potions, such as the Cup of Death and the Cup of Lethe, are forbidden to all by the Inner Circle and are kept sealed and hidden, only being used when the Inner Circle deems it necessary.

Notable potions Edit

  • Cup of Death - implied to be deadly poison, used to execute witches who commit serious crimes
  • Cup of Lethe - a powerful memory-erasing potion
  • Truth serum - a potion that forces the drinker to answer questions truthfully
  • Love charm repellent - a potion that can negate the effects of a love charm

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