Prophecies are predictions foretold to happen in the future. Prophecies play a large role in the Night World series, particularly the prophecies concerning the Wild Powers.

The Wild Power PropheciesEdit

Main article: The Wild Powers

These prophecies foretell that four people born with the power to use blue fire are the key to saving the world from the apocalypse and gives clues to their identities. Thus far, three of the four Wild Powers (Jezebel Redfern, Delos Redfern and Iliana Dominick) have been found and successfully recruited by Circle Daybreak.

First ProphecyEdit

In blue fire, the final darkness is banished.
In blood, the final price is paid.

Second ProphecyEdit

Four to stand between the light and the shadow,
Four of blue fire, power in their blood.
Born in the year of the blind Maiden's vision;
Four less one and darkness triumphs.

Third ProphecyEdit

One from the land of kings long forgotten;
One from the hearth which still holds the spark;
One from the Day World where two eyes are watching;
One from the twilight to be one with the dark.

Deliverer Prophecy Edit

The slaves of the Dark Kingdom had a prophecy foretelling a saviour known as the Deliverer, who would come to defeat the nobles, free them from tyranny and guide them to a better life. This prophecy was eventually fulfilled by Maggie Neely (with help) in the novel Black Dawn.


  • It is unknown who made the prophecies of the Wild Powers.

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