Psychokinesis (sometimes referred to as telekinesis, though the two terms have a slightly different meaning) is the power to move or manipulate objects with one's mind. Telekinesis is closely related to psychokinesis, but slightly differs in that it specifically refers to mentally moving objects from a distance. Psychokinesis includes moving objects with the mind that may in close vicinity to the person using the power. Hence, psychokinesis can be regarded as an 'umbrella' term which includes telekinesis. Psychokinesis is a power possessed by witches.

Characteristics and uses Edit

Psychokinesis can be used to manipulate the physical world without having to physically touch it. This can be useful in manipulating objects from a distance, or manipulating objects if a person is physically incapable of doing so. Psychokinesis is quite a potent ability, as even untrained witches, such as lost witches, are capable of using it; it can also manifest involuntarily. Gillian Lennox is shown to be able to shatter a mirror and smash a large window using psychokinesis without meaning to, or even realising what she had done: these occurrences came a shock to Gillian and she even initially suspected Angel of doing them. It is highly possible that with training, witches are able to use psychokinesis intentionally and direct it as they please. Psychokinesis can be affected by strong emotion; both times Gillian used psychokinesis, she was feeling extremely angry and distressed. Interestingly, when Gillian smashed the mirror with her powers, there was no noticeable point of impact, the mirror's surface having cracked evenly. The effect was also near instantaneous, as if Gillian had physically struck it. It is unclear how common psychokinesis is; thus far, Gillian is the only witch who notably demonstrates psychokinesis and its relative abilities.

It is possible that witches who are turned into made vampires retain this ability, though this has not been demonstrated in the series.

Limitations Edit

Presumably, using psychokinesis voluntarily to perform a particular action can take concentration and skill. Untrained or involuntary psychokinesis is not so much a limitation as it a hazard, as it can cause unintentional damage or even serious injury, both to the witch themselves and to others - for example, when Gillian unknowingly caused the cafeteria window to shatter, the broken glass fell right into the path of several students, including Gillian herself, and could've caused serious harm. Hence, it is important that lost witches receive training to control their abilities, lest they inadvertently cause an accident or endanger those around them.

Notable Users Edit

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