Pyrokinesis is the power to create and/or manipulate fire with one's mind. It is a power most notably possessed by witches (and possibly the Wild Powers).

Characteristics and uses Edit

The one of the most notable uses of pyrokinesis in the series is in Secret Vampire, when Gisele uses pyrokinesis to cause a candlewick to burst into flame by cupping her hands over it. Pyrokinesis can also be manifested via spell-casting, as demonstrated by a fire elemental spell conducted by Gary Fargeon.

In addition to creating a source of warmth or light, pyrokinesis could also potentially be used as a form of defense or attack, to burn or immolate enemies.

It is possible that the power of witchlight is related to pyrokinesis, as it manifests as coloured flames, though the flames have extra properties and abilities not found in normal fire, as does the blue fire of the Wild Powers (which can be used to heal injuries and stop a speeding train in its tracks).

Limitations Edit

Pyrokinesis can pose a serious risk both to the witch using it and anyone in the vicinity, if the witch loses control of the fire. This is clearly demonstrated in the case of Gary Fargeon; a young girl named Paula Belizer accidentally broke the protective circle keeping the fire contained and was burnt to death instantly. Summoning fire presumably requires a level of skill and concentration. Also, as some forms of pyrokinesis require the incantation of a spell, it may require both that the witch know the correct words, and have the time and focus to cast the spell, thus leaving them vulnerable.

Notable Users: Edit

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