Ravenwing of the Red Fern was a prehistoric lamia and an ancestor of the Redfern family. Ravenwing was the son of Hawksbill and Spring Rain and was mated to Dreamweaver. It is not mentioned on the family tree if the couple had any offspring, though it can be assumed they did, as the Redfern line was continued. Due to the patriarchal nature of the Redferns, it can assumed Ravenwing was male and that the Redfern name was passed on by him, though this is not made explicitly clear on the family tree.

Etymology Edit

A raven is a type of bird, often featured in legend and folklore. In some cultures, ravens are regarded as signs of good fortune or messengers of the gods. In others, ravens are seen as omens of impending doom or death. A wing is the appendage of a flying animal.

Trivia Edit

  • Ravenwing's name is a traditional lamia one. It's also possible he was named after his paternal; great-grandfather Redwing, or even his great-great grandmother Nightwing, due to the similarities in their names.
  • Ravenwing is the last of the prehistoric Redferns to be mentioned on the family tree.

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