Biographical Information
  • Stone Age
  • Son of Redfern
  • Unknown (likely deceased)
Physical Information
  • Male
Relationship Information
  • Red Fern (father)
  • Nightwing (mother)
  • Moonhunter (son)
  • Darkwalker (son)
Significant Others
  • Rushglow

Redwing, Son of Red Fern is a lamia vampire and an ancestor of the Redfern family. As his name suggests, he is the son of Red Fern, the first lamia. He is the only known offspring of Red Fern. Redwing is only mentioned on the family tree, so little is known about him, but he was born in the Stone Age, most likely after Red Fern and his mother, Maya, were driven into exile by Hellewise Hearth-Woman. Redwing's partner was a woman named Rushglow and they had at least two children, Moonhunter and Darkwalker. It is unknown if Redwing is still alive, though given he is never mentioned, it is unlikely.

Trivia Edit

  • Redwing, like most other Redferns, is named after a natural thing - a wing being the appendage of a flying animal such as a bird or a bat. The 'Red' part of his name could be taken from his father Red Fern. It could also possibly be a reference to Redwing's hair colour, as both Red Fern and many of his descendents are described as having blood red hair. Given his mother was named Nightwing, it's likely he was named after her, too.
  • Redwing could've been killed during the first Night Wars between the witches and vampires, during the great flood that ended the reign of the vampires or he could simply have chosen to never stop aging and died of natural causes.

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