Retrocognition (also referred to as 'the Sight') is a power possessed by some Night People, most notably by witches. It is closely related to the power of precognition; however, in the case of retrocognition, it involves seeing and sensing events happening in the present.

Characteristics and Uses Edit

Like precognition, retrocognition can come in a weaker form as 'hunches', or manifest as visions. It apparently comes at random and involuntarily, though it has been known to manifest when the person in question needs it; form example, Phillip North instinctively knew where to find his twin sister Poppy when searching for her in Las Vegas, and that the person visiting him was James Rasmussen despite being unable to see him coming, and Aradia Crowley received a vision of Eric Ross holding off Suzanne Blanchet whilst waiting for Thea Harman to arrive, whilst Thea was being questioned over releasing Suzanne's spirit. She also Sees a tree for herself and her allies to hide in whilst being pursued by slavers in the Dark Kingdom.

In Aradia's case, she is able to receive these visions despite being physically blind since the age of about one; presumably, the visions are projected directly onto her mind, meaning she does not have to be able to 'see' them as a person would ordinarily view the world.

Retrocognition can be useful in locating certain people or objects, or becoming aware of potentially important occurrences, that would otherwise be unnoticed. A person does not actually have to be present at a particular location or event to see or sense what is happening there.

It would seem that those with the power of retrocognition are often gifted in precognition as well, the two abilities being quite similar.

Limitations Edit

When manifesting as visions, retrocognition cannot always be fully understood without context - Aradia, for example, only guessed that her vision of Eric and Suzanne was related to Thea due to her having already mentioned it. She did, however, clearly recognize that Eric was in grave danger. Also, unless the person is familiar with the person or location, they may not be able to do anything about a potentially negative situation - given that they are seeing or sensing these events as they occur, rather than before, can also impact the potential to intervene. Retrocognition is apparently a largely involuntary power; it is unknown if a person could intentionally use it to view specific people, places or events. It is also unknown if there are limitations to its range.

Notable Users Edit

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