Rosamund 'Roz' Ross is a supporting character in Spellbinder. She is the younger sister of Eric Ross.

Roz is first introduced when she brings her pet guinea pig into the vet, suspecting something is wrong with her. Roz watches Thea figure out what was wrong with her guinea pig and develops a liking for the older girl. Roz had been attempting to join the Boy Scouts, as she prefered the activities they did to the Girl Scouts group and tried to argue that it was unfair of them to discriminate against members based on gender. She is very angry and upset when she loses her case, even saying she no longer wants to be a girl because of the discrimination she'll experience based on her sex. To cheer her up, Thea tells her the story of Hellewise and Maya and how Hellewise, a woman, is revered as a great hero.

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