Rosemary Harman
Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information
Significant Others

Rosemary Harman is a witch and a member of the Harman family. According to the family tree, she is the mother of Mal Harman, one of the main protagonists of the upcoming novel Strange Fate. At this stage, it is unclear if Rosemary will also be appearing in the novel.

History Edit

Rosemary's connection to the Harman family is unclear. All that is really known about her is that she has a son, Mal, with a lamia named Mancy Redfern, which is rather unusual, given the Redfern family's mutual animosity towards the Harmans. It is not stated if Rosemary and Mancy are married. Even more unusual is the fact that Rosemary's son is stated as being a vampire-witch hybrid, as most vampire-witch pairings result in offspring that are either or. Mal also retains his mother's surname of Harman, like normal witches (who are matriarchal), rather than his father's surname of Redfern (lamia being patriarchal).

Trivia Edit

  • The name Rosemary likely refers to the herb rosemary, which is often used as a decorative plant or in cooking. In mythology, rosemary is associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who was said to have been draped in rosemary when she first rose from the sea after being formed. It is also associated with the Virgin Mary - according to myth, she spread her blue cloak over rosemary that was flowering white, causing the flowers to turn blue. This is where the name rosemary - 'Rose of Mary' - comes from. Thus, Rosemary could be considered a traditional witch name.
  • Ironically, Rosemary can also be considered a traditional lamia name, given it refers to a plant.
  • Rosemary is similar to her ancestress, Maeve Harman, who was a witch who also married a Redfern (Hunter Redfern) and had children by him. However, Maeve and Hunter had four daughters, whilst Rosemary and Mancy only have one son. Also, Maeve's children were not 'true' hybrids, but only had the dominant genetics of one of their parents: Garnet, Lily and Dove were lamia, whilst Roseclear was a witch. Funnily enough, Rosemary's name is similar to Roseclear's, which may or may not be intentional.

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