Ruby Linden is a lamia who married into the Redfern family. She is stated on the tree as being the wife of Sterling Redfern, with many modern Redferns being descended from her. Notably, the tree indicates that she is the mother of Opal Burdock.

History Edit

Ruby was presumably born in 19th century (though this isn't known for certain). She married Sterling Redfern and had at least three children with him, Gunnel, Angar and Opal. Through Gunnel, Ruby is the grandmother of Alder Redfern and Madder Rasmussen (nee Redfern), thus making her the great-grandmother of Rowan, Ash, Kestrel and Jade (through Alder) and James Rasmussen (through Madder). She is also directly related to Mal Harman through Angar.

Etymology Edit

Rubies are valuable gemstones, referred to as 'precious stones' alongside emeralds, diamonds and sapphires, that come in a variety of red shades, ranging from pink to blood-red. The name ruby comes from the Latin word for red, ruber. Rubies are associated with nobility and prosperity, as well as being considered good for healing and boosting energy.

Linden is one of the names for a type of tree, often used to make furniture. Its flowers are used for medicinal purposes.

Trivia Edit

  • Both Ruby and her daughter Opal have gemstone names.
    • Her great-granddaughter Jade also has a gemstone name.
  • Ruby's maiden name is an unusual one for a lamia, as it essentially means tree, with tree names being considered auspicious for lamia due to their power (wood being one of the few things that seriously harm or kill both types of vampire).

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