Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Female
Supernatural Characteristics
  • Unknown (possibly a lioness)
  • The Night World

Sekhmet is a shapeshifter who briefly appears in Secret Vampire, attending Thierry Descouedres' Summer Solstice party in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ash Redfern points her out to Poppy North in Thierry's mansion. Ash apparently knows her, as he states "You don't want to get her mad.", implying she has a nasty temper. Sekhmet is described as being "tall and lovely", though no other information is given on her physical appearance; her animal form is also unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Sekhmet is Ancient Egyptian, meaning "powerful one" or "she who is powerful". It is the name of the Egyptian goddess of war and destruction, often closely associated with Hathor, the goddess of love and beauty - in some myths, Sekhmet is the destructive 'aspect' of Hathor.
  • Sekhmet is the first shapeshifter to appear in the Night World series.
  • The goddess Sekhmet was often depicted as a lioness or with the head of a lioness; therefore, it's possible that Sekhmet's animal form is a lion (as shapeshifters often have names associated with or translating to their animal form).

Appearances Edit

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