The Sending-back Spell is the opposite of the summoning spell. They return summoned spirits across the veil. Like summoning spells, they invoke the goddess Hecate.

In Spellbinder after Thea accidentally summons the ghost of Suzanne Blanchet, she and Eric decide to lure Suzanne to the desert and send her back on Samhain.

Only after Thea draws power from the elements and her heritage, is she successful in banishing Suzanne's ghost.


  • The witch who summoned the spirit
  • Balefire made of oak and ash wood
  • Quassia chips, blessed thistle and mandrake root
  • Standing stones


On Samhain, when the veil between the worlds are thinnest, the witch who summoned the spirit must kindle a balefire and strew herbs while the spirit is trapped between standing stones to hold it in.

The witch must then recite the summoning spell backwards while being physically close to the spirit:

May I be given the Power of the Words of Hecate!
From the heart of the flame . . . I send you back!
Through the narrow path . . . I send you back!
To the airy void . . . I send you back!
To beyond the veil . . . I send you back!
Go speedily, conveniently, and without delay!

This incantation was added by Thea when she realized Eric was being killed by Suzanne:

By the power of Earth and Air and Water!
By the power of Fire on this night of Hecate!
By my own power as a daughter of Hellewise!
Go speedily, conveniently and without delay, you bitch!