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The Shapeshifter Scrolls are ancient documents written in prehistoric times, that detail the history of the shapeshifters and the dragons, and the latter's fall from power.

Description Edit

The scrolls are pieces of ancient parchment encased in plastic sleeves, written in the old language of the shapeshifters. They contain both writings and pictures about the shapeshifters and their history, including the dragons' rule during the First World, the war with the witches and the downfall of the dragons. They also detail dragons' powers and weaknesses.

History Edit

The scrolls were made in prehistoric times, presumably by either the shapeshifters themselves or the witches. Eventually, the scrolls were found by Circle Daybreak. The scrolls are considered extremely important to Circle Daybreak's plans to stop the Apocalypse, as they contain information on the defeat of the dragons. In Witchlight, Circle Daybreak agents consult the scrolls to find out how dragons could be killed. They discover from the scrolls that a dragon can be weakened and killed by destroying its horns - the source of its strength. This later proves vital when the dragon Azhdeha attempts to kill the Wild Power, Iliana Dominick. Using the information from the scrolls, Keller and Galen Drache target the dragon's horns and manage to tear off many of them, with Iliana delivering the final blow by unleashing the blue fire, taking out Azhdeha's last horn and destroying him.

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