Dragons, rulers of Shapeshifter World

Shapeshifter World, also known as the First Age, was the period on Earth when the shapeshifters reigned. It was the first out of four consecutive ages to exist and lasted for approximately 10,000 years before it came to an end due to mass volcanic eruptions. During this time, all the races - particularly humans - were oppressed due to the tyrannical rule of the dragons, a race of powerful and malevolent shapeshifters. However, due to the efforts of the witches (under leadership of Hecate Witch-Queen), the shapeshifters were defeated in a cataclysmic battle. The dragons were punished more severely; they were placed in a magical slumber and buried alive for trying to destroy the world by activating volcanoes.



When informing Jez Redfern about the approaching Apocalypse, Hugh Davis brings up the preceding ages - including Shapeshifter World - to explain why the end of the world was near.


Although not mentioned by name, Shapeshifter World was referenced by Galen Drache and Winfrith Arlin to explain the history of the shapeshifters and the witches to Iliana Dominick.

Notable EventsEdit

  • The shapeshifters (led by the dragons) battle the witches (led by Hecate Witch-Queen) for control of the world.
  • The shapeshifters are defeated and the witches are ultimately declared the victors.
  • Shapeshifter World comes to an end when the dragons attempt to obliterate the world through volcanoes.
  • The witches magically cause all dragons (except one) to become dormant.


  • The element corresponding with the end of Shapeshifter World is fire (volcanic eruptions).
  • Like the names of the other ages, "Shapeshifter World" was coined by Hugh Davis. It is unknown whether other Night People use these terms as well.
  • Ironically, Shapeshifter World came to an end due to the actions of the shapeshifters themselves.

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