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The Slave Trade is a practise that involves kidnapping humans and selling them for food or amusement or using them as slaves. This practise has been banned by the Night World Council but still occurs.

In the novels Edit

In The Chosen, the Lancers and Rashel Jordan investigate the recent disappearances of young girls kidnapped by vampires. The vampire hunters initially believe the girls are being taken to be enslaved at blood farms, but Rashel later discovers they are in fact being taken to be used in a blood feast. It is revealed that Hunter Redfern himself was behind this particular slave trade, despite being a member of the Council. Rashel, with the help of John Quinn and Nyala, is able to put a stop to the blood feast and frees the slave girls.

The Dark Kingdom still practices slavery - all human inhabitants of the Kingdom appear to be slaves. By the end of Black Dawn, however, the slaves are all freed after the Kingdom's rulers are overthrown.

It is mentioned in Witchlight that thousands of years ago, the dragons kept humans as slaves until they were defeated by the witches.

In Brionwy's Lullaby, in an alternate future in which the Night World triumphs over Circle Daybreak, almost all remaining humans have been enslaved by the dragons and vampires, used for menial tasks, as food or as courtesans.

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