Sterling Redfern is a lamia and a member of the Redfern family. According to the family tree, he is the son of Dunlin Redfern and Jasmine Thorn. He is a direct ancestor or relation of many modern Redferns.

History Edit

As the son of Dunlin and Jasmine, Sterling is the great-grandson of Garnet Redfern and Fletcher Marsh, the former of whom is the daughter of Hunter Redfern and Maeve Harman. The tree states that Sterling was born in 1866. Sterling married a Ruby Linden and apparently had at least two sons and one daughter, Gunnel Redfern, Angar Redfern and Opal Redfern (later Burdock, due to her marriage to Hodge Burdock). Through Gunnel, Sterling is the grandfather of Alder Redfern and Madder Rasmussen, thus making him the great-grandfather of Rowan, Kestrel, Jade, Ash and James. Through Angar, he is the great-grandfather of Mancy Redfern and great, great-grandfather of Mal Harman.

Etymology Edit

Sterling, also spelt Stirling, has several meanings, including "pure" or "of high/excellent quality". It can also refer to pre-medieval refiners of silver, and often refers to high-quality or 'sterling silver'. There it can be regarded as a traditional lamia name, given that silver is a natural substance. Sterling could also possibly be derived from the OLd English word staering, meaning 'starling'; a starling is type of bird, which is also a lamia name.

Trivia Edit

  • Interestingly, silver is a metal that is extremely deadly to two kinds of Night People: shapeshifters and werewolves.

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