Summoning Spells use the magic of the goddess Hecate to bring spirits across the veil.

Two years ago in Vermont, before the events of Spellbinder, Thea and Blaise hid behind some maple trees and spied the Inner Circle performing a Samhain summoning to call forth the ancestors. The experience was scary and exciting for Thea.

In Spellbinder, Thea decides to use this spell to summon the ghost of Phoebe Garner as a means of protection for Eric against Blaise's magic. However, Blaise interrupts Thea doing the spell leading to the accidental summon of Suzanne Blanchet, a witch who awaited the day she could exact her revenge on the people who killed her and her family.


  • Amulet containing the hair of the witch to be summoned
  • Balefire made from oak and ash wood
  • Quassia chips, blessed thistle and mandrake root
  • Summoning Potion


Prepare a balefire made from oak and ash in a large bowl. Add quassia chips, blessed thistle and mandrake root for power rising. Pour three drops of summoning potion to the fire. Then break the witch's amulet and hold it over the fire, reciting the following incantation:

May I be given the Power of the Words of Hecate.
From beyond the veil . . . I call you back!
Through the mist of years . . . I call you back!
From the airy void . . . I call you back!
Through the narrow path . . . I call you back!
To the heart of the flame . . . I call you back!
Come speedily, conveniently, and without delay!

Let the amulet fall into the balefire, bringing forth the spirit.