Sweetbrier Curlew is a lamia and a Redfern by marriage. According to the family tree, she is the wife of Griffin Redfern and is related to many modern Redferns. 

History Edit

The tree states that Sweetbrier was born in 1670. At some point, she married Griffin Redfern, son of Garnet Redfern and grandson of Hunter Redfern, and they had at least one son, named Dunlin Redfern

Etymology Edit

Sweetbrier or sweetbriar is another name for a species of rose, Rosa rubiginosa, native to Europe and west Asia. 

A curlew is a type of wading or shore bird.

Trivia Edit

  • Roses are the symbol of made vampires, though Sweetbrier is a lamia.
  • Sweetbrier's surname refers to the same genus of bird as her son, Dunlin's first name. It is possible then, that the name Dunlin was chosen as a nod to his mother's maiden name.

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