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Sybil Harman was a witch, a member of the Harman Family and the mother of Edgith, Elspeth and Emmeth Harman.

History Edit

According to the family tree, Sybil was born in 1889 and married a man named Livingstone Fayne, with whom she had three children. Unfortunately, two of Sybil's children, Elspeth and Emmeth, were somehow separated from her when they were very young during World War One. They were believed to have died, but actually survived and eventually forgot their witch heritage, thus making them and their descendants lost witches. Sybil's remaining daughter Edgith went on to become the Crone of the all the witches, a very prestigious position.

In the novels Edit

Sybil is mentioned by Grandma Harman (Edgith) in Witchlight when she meets Iliana Dominick, a lost witch and great-great granddaughter of Sybil. Grandma Harman states that Iliana must be a Harman, as she looks just like her mother did when she was her age.

Physical Appearance Edit

According to Grandma Harman, Sybil looked very similar to her great-great granddaughter Iliana when she was younger. Presumably, she was rather attractive and had the light blonde hair and violet eyes typical of Harmans.

Etymology Edit

The name Sybil comes from the Latin sibylla, meaning "prophetess" or "fortune teller". 'Sibyls' were women in Ancient Greece and Rome believed to be able to foretell the future, a fitting name for a witch.

Appearances Edit

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