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You know, for a moment there, I thought I might be in trouble. But I was wrong. The truth is you're just an ordinary girl, after all. Weak and powerless - and ordinary. How could you even think about going up against me? Against my people?
— Black Dawn

So it's really beginning. I mean, there's no going back now, is there? The Night World is split forever.
— Black Dawn

I was a Harman. I was. But I had to stand there and watch my cousins be accepted instead of me. I had to watch half humans be accepted - be welcomed. They took my place - just because they were descended through the female line.
— Black Dawn

You don't have to worry about my loyalty. I want a place in the new order after the millennium. I'm through with the witches.
— Black Dawn

As a daughter of Hellewise, I obey.
— Black Dawn

It really bugged me, you know? I would put on my nicest clothes, do my hair, we would go out...and then he'd talk about you.
— Black Dawn

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