Ted Lennox
Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Male
Relationship Information

Ted Lennox is the father of Gillian Lennox and the estranged husband of Gwen Lennox.

History Edit

Very little information is given about Ted's life prior to Dark Angel. All that is really known about him is that at some point in his life, he fell in love with Gwen, married her and had a child with her. However, when Gillian was still young, Ted's relationship with his wife began to fall apart, due to her hallucinations and alcoholism. As a result, Ted spent most of his time working and often argued with Gwen when ever they were together.

Dark AngelEdit

Ted has only a small role in Dark Angel. The day after Gillian was resurrected after freezing to death and met Angel for the first time, her mother reveals that Ted left the previous night, which would imply that Ted had finally had enough and decided to end his relationship with Gwen. However, he is later seen with Gwen at the end of the book, watching the police exuming the body of Paula Belizer. He presumably came back after hearing that his daughter had discovered a body. It is mentioned that he and Gwen were huddling together, implying that Ted may have decided to reconcile with Gwen and give their relationship another chance, or is at least making an attempt for Gillian's sake. It is not known whether or not Ted really did decide to move back in with Gwen and his daughter.

Etymology Edit

The name Ted may be short for Theodore, a Greek name meaning "God's gift", or Edward, an Old English name meaning "wealthy guard" or "protecter". It could even be short for Tedrick, a variant of the Old Germanic name Theodoric, meaning "people's ruler", though Edward or Theodore are probably more likely.


  • He is one of several human males to have married Harman witches, notably including Iliana Dominick's father.
  • Ted is similar to Poppy North's mother Phillipa Hilgard, in that they both married lost witches, and both left their partners due to their peculiar behavior resulting from the powers they didn't realise they had. In addition, both Ted and Phillipa's daughters (Gillian and Poppy, respectively) are lost witches who discover the truth about their heritage.

Appearances Edit

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