Telepathy is the ability to 'read' or sense the thoughts and minds of others. It is a power possessed by many Night People, particularly vampires. Those who can use telepathy are sometimes referred to as telepaths.

Characteristics and uses Edit

Telepathy varies in strength from person to person. Some Night People are naturally gifted telepaths; others can improve through practice. Vampires - both made vampires and lamia - are some of the most powerful telepaths in the series. Witches who become vampires are noted as having increased telepathic abilities and picking up telepathy very quickly. Vampires skilled at telepathy also seem to be strong in other areas linked with mental powers, such as mental influence and use of Power. Exchanging blood with a human or witch will temporarily increase their telepathic power; vampires can also read the minds of humans or witches they have taken blood from far more easily. Soulmates can also telepathically communicate with each other via their bond.

Sometimes, telepaths only get vague impressions of what a person is thinking or feeling. On the other hand, telepaths can form a link so strong with another person's mind, the two beings almost seem to merge into one - it has often described as feeling as though their very souls are merging - though this only temporary. Some telepaths can connect with the minds of animals, too. Witches can do this - apparently to the extent of seeing through the animal's eyes - as can very powerful shapeshifters, such as dragons.

Limitations Edit

Telepathy can be blocked by a person projecting a 'mental shield' over their mind, or by concentrating hard on just one particular thing, hiding anything else they may be thinking. It is also stated that not every telepath (or at least, every vampire telepath) is capable of reading everyone's mind, some people being more difficult to read than others.

Notable users Edit

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