The Lancers are a group of vampire hunters, stationed on the East Coast. Their headquarters are in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. They are described as being "the most successful group of vampire hunters on the East Coast".

History and Activities Edit

The Lancers were formed "practically single-handedly" by a young man named Elliot, in Boston, Massachusetts. The group aims to kill as many vampires as possible, train new vampire hunters and protect humans from the Night World. Although the group specializes in killing vampires, they have also dealt with werewolves on a reasonably regular basis. It is unknown if they also hunt other kinds of Night People. Some members of the group, such as Vicky, endorse and partake in the torture of vampires, both for information and for amusement. Rashel Jordan is affiliated with the Lancers and has been known to work with them, but is not an official member.

Known Members Edit

  • Elliot (leader and founder)
  • Vicky (second-in-command)
  • Steve
  • Nyala (formerly)

Trivia Edit

  • The password to get into the Lancers' headquarters is the phrase "The night has a thousand eyes". The correct reply is "And the day only one".

Appearances Edit

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