Natural Disasters

The rise of the Old Powers.

The ancient forces of magic are rising. They've been asleep for ten thousand years, but they're waking up again.
Delos Redfern about the Old Powers [1]

The Old Powers were ancient forces that existed before humanity gained control of the world. They are what's behind the Apocalypse.


Before humans rose and took over the world, the Old Powers were the ancient magic that controlled the universe. They can be traced back four millennia, when the shapeshifters ruled the world. However, the Old Powers could have been created with the universe as they are forces of nature.

Somehow, the rise of humanity led to the Old Powers lying dormant for ten thousand years. Now that the Millennium is approaching, the Old Powers are awakening and is causing changes to the world. These changes are bringing about the Apocalypse.


The rise of the Old Powers are bringing changes to the world. These changes are for both good and evil. They include:

  • Night People finding their soulmates.
  • Disturbance of weather patterns.
  • Volcanoes becoming active.
  • Major earthquakes.
  • Increase in animal attacks.
  • Mutation of insects and diseases.
  • Night People becoming stronger and developing new powers.


  • The Old Powers are first mentioned in Spellbinder by Mother Cybele, who attributes The Soulmate Principle to their awakening.
  • Poppy North and James Rasmussen were the first signs of the Old Powers rising.
  • The main subjects of the Soulmate Principle seem to be the Redfern and Harman family.
  • The counterpart to the Old Powers are The Wild Powers
    • While the Old Powers are going to bring about the Apocalypse, the Wild Powers are prophesied to stop it.
    • The Old Powers are forces of nature, while the Wild Powers are people.
  • It is not specified how long the Old Powers have existed.
    • They were said to be in control of the universe during the old days of the Night World, making them about forty thousand years old.
    • The Old Powers are forces of nature, placing their age around 4.54 billion years; the same as the Earth.
    • Nature can also refer to the universe as a whole, making the Old Powers about 13.77 billion years.

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