Thistle Galena
Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Alive/Undead
Physical Information
  • Female
  • Vampire Gang member
  • Daybreaker (possibly)

Thistle Galena is a young vampire and a member of Jez Redfern's gang. She is a supporting character in Huntress and also appears in Jez and Morgead's Night Out.

History Edit

Little is known about Thistle, but it can be assumed she was raised in San Francisco, joining Jez's gang at some point. She became good friends with fellow gang member Raven Mandril, and the two girls often stick together during hunts.

Huntress Edit


Jez and Morgead's Night Out Edit


Etymology Edit

A thistle is a well-known type of flowering plant, sometimes regarded as a weed, known for producing sharply prickled leaves. In flower language, it is considered an ancient Celtic symbol of nobility (both of birth and of character). It is the national emblem of Scotland, as well as the emblem of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Galena is a mineral containing lead sulfide; a common ore of lead and source of silver. Hence, both Thistle's first name and surname are traditional lamia names.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unclear exactly which type of vampire Thistle is. In Huntress, she is stated to be lamia, but in Jez and Morgead's Night Out, she is stated to be a made vampire. It is unknown which of these pieces of information takes precedence over the other, though it should be noted that Thistle has a traditional lamia name, thus making it more likely that she is a lamia.

Appearances Edit

Short Stories Edit

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