A timeline of major events occurring in or related to the Night World series.

Prehistoric Times Edit

First World: Edit

  • Dragons defeated and put to sleep

Second World: Edit

  • March - Maya becomes the first vampire
  • March 20th - Maya changes Theorn
  • March - Theorn and Hana learn they are soulmates; first death of Hana
  • First Night War breaks out
  • Red Fern (first lamia) born
  • Iluna Hearth-Woman born
  • Duel of Hellewise and Maya; death of Hellewise

Third World: Edit

  • Great Flood

Fourth World: Edit

  • Humans become the dominant race

Ancient Times Edit

c. 3200 BC: Edit

  • Egypt unified under the First Dynasty, beginning of the Early Dynastic Period of Egypt
  • May 1st - Hana reborn as Ha-nahkt
  • Second death of Ha-nahkt

Medieval Period (6th century – 13th century) Edit

Renaissance Period (c. 14th century – 18th century) Edit

1400’s Edit

1600’s Edit

  • Maeve Harman born
  • Blood tie and marriage of Maeve and Hunter, end of the Night Wars
  • Formation of the Night World

1700’s Edit

  • End of the Burning Times

19th Century Edit

Early 1900's Edit

  • 1914 - World War One begins
  • c. 1914 to 1918 - Elspeth and Emmeth become lost witches
  • 1918 - World War One ends
  • 1939 - World War Two begins
  • 1945 - World War Two Ends

Late 1900's Edit

1977: Edit

1978: Edit

1979: Edit

1980: Edit

1981: Edit

1996: Edit

June Edit

  • Poppy North becomes a made vampire
  • Poppy and James learn they're soulmates
  • June 21st - Poppy and Phillip discover they're lost witches

August Edit

  • Death of Opal Burdock
  • Mary-Lynette and Ash discover they're soulmates
  • Death of Jeremy Lovett

October Edit

  • Reformation of Circle Daybreak
  • Thea Harman and Eric Ross discover they're soulmates
  • Summoning of Suzanne Blanchet
  • Murder of Kevin Imamura

December Edit

  • Gillian Lennox dies and comes back
  • Gillian and David learn they're soulmates

1997: Edit

March Edit

  • Rashel Jordan and Quinn discover they're soulmates
  • March 20th - Rashel and Quinn stop the Blood Feast
  • Rashel and Quinn join Circle Daybreak

April Edit

  • April 30th - Death of Maya

May Edit

  • May 1st - Hannah Snow turns seventeen for the first time

November Edit

  • Kidnapping of Aradia and Miles Neely
  • Miles is turned into a shapeshifter
  • Kidnapping of Maggie Neely
  • Maggie and Delos learn they're soulmates
  • Death of Hunter Redfern
  • End of the Dark Kingdom and liberation of the slaves
  • Death of Sylvia
  • Circle Daybreak acquire the second Wild Power

December Edit

  • Azhdeha is awoken
  • Assassination of Grandma Harman
  • Death of Azhdeha
  • Alliance of the Harmans and Draches

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