The Tribe of the Three Rivers was a tribe of humans in prehistoric times.

Structure and Culture Edit

As its name suggests, the tribe's village was situated at a place where three rivers met and included a large cave used by the tribe as a shelter. The tribe were neighbours of Hecate Witch-Queen's tribe, but the two tribes were apparently unaware of each other. The tribe had two leaders: a spiritual leader or shaman and a leader of the hunters. Hannah Snow's first incarnation, Hana, was a member of the tribe and aspired to become a shaman. The leaders of the tribe when Hana was alive were Old Mother (the shaman) and Arno (leader of the hunters). The tribe worshipped a mother goddess; they also believed in spirits and demons, and that their goddess could communicate with them via dreams, but not much else is revealed about their religious beliefs or practices. The people of the tribe styled themselves as 'of the Three Rivers' - for example, 'Hana of the Three Rivers'. They apparently also referred to themselves as the River People. The tribe did appear to have a concept similar to marriage, but referred to it as 'mating', using the term 'mate' rather than 'spouse'. Men and women appeared to be regarded as equals within the tribe.

History Edit

The tribe was decimated by the first made vampire Theorn - after they captured him for biting a child named Ryl, Arno decided that Theorn was a demon and should be killed. The hunters tried to stab him with their spears, but couldn't kill him (vampires being able to heal quickly from wounds, provided they weren't inflicted by wood). Noticing his wounds stayed open if the wood of the spears touched him, the tribe tortured Theorn using wooden sticks and burning torches. Overcome with hunger and pain, Theorn temporarily snapped and attacked his tormentors - in his bloodlust, his inadvertantly slaughtered almost all the tribe, including Hana, who turned out to be his soulmate. Theorn's grief and guilt over his actions continued to haunt him for thousands of years and he vowed never to kill again. It is unknown what happened to the tribe's survivors - if they were able to rebuild their tribe or formed a new one. Hana's incarnation in the 20th century, Hannah Snow, dreams about her life with the Tribe of the Three Rivers and also unwittingly writes herself notes, telling herself to "remember the Three Rivers".

Notable members Edit

Appearances Edit

  • Soulmate (appeared in dreams and flashbacks)

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