Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Male
  • Club bouncer
  • The Night World

Ulf is a minor character in Secret Vampire. He is a young werewolf, who serves as a bouncer at a Night World club in California.

Secret Vampire Edit

James Rasmussen encounters Ulf, who is guarding the entrance to the club, when he goes there to meet Gisele about a possible magical cure for cancer. Ulf doesn't immediately let James in, regarding him with suspicion, even though James has apparently met him before. Ulf eventually lets James in after recognising him, much to James's irritation, with James remarking to Ulf that he should "go mark a fire hydrant."

Physical Appearance Edit

Ulf is described as being a "skinny kid", with "beady" eyes, wearing a "wrinkled t-shirt".

Personality Edit

Ulf is apparently quite a suspicious young man, who takes his job as a bouncer rather seriously. James regards him as being very "territorial", like many werewolves.

Trivia Edit

  • Ulf is the Scandinavian word for "wolf", which references Ulf's status as a werewolf (many werewolves have names that mean or are associated with "wolf").
  • Ulf is notable in that he is the first werewolf we meet in the series.
  • Given his name is Scandinavian, Ulf may possibly be from Scandinavia or has family from that area.

Appearances Edit

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