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===Based off the books by L.J Smith, The Night World Series.

I have decided to change the dates around to make the RP set in modern time. All characters remain the same age though. This is simply because the changes in time are close enough that it doesn't really impact the story whatsoever, but it just makes technologies and what not easier. 

Now onto the plot. This is based in between the third and fourth novel. They are searching for the last Wild power, and things are rockier then ever. Circle Midnight is getting desperate for the last wild power. They now have eyes everywhere, and are constantly sending out attacks on those from Circle Daybreak, as well as capturing them and taking them to their Headquarters to get information from them about plans, and the wild powers among other things. 

As the number of missing Daybreaker's grows, the rest of them are growing nervous and are constantly searching for where the Daybreaker's are being taken. Only, there's a trick. Those from Circle Midnight have taken to spreading out their victims in order to avoid the Daybreaker's from finding their main HQ as well as make it harder for them to gain access to all of them. 

The Circle Midnighter's have also taken to roaming around every city, town, forest, and mountain they can in search of that last wild power. It wont be uncommon for someone from Circle midnight to just happen upon any town at any time in their search. 

In the meantime, the body count of humans and Daybreaker's is slowly rising. The Midnighter's mean to frighten the Daybreaker's, and unnerve the humans as much as they can without rattling the cages of the elders of the Night world. Even then though with the Midnighter's desperation to get an edge every now and then they will set up mass executions all over the world, only they make it look like something else. A school bombing, or terrorist attack are their favorites and easiest it seems. 

The ones who actually execute these executions try to be careful that they aren't caught as it would mean they themselves would be killed by the elders of the Night world. More often then not they are caught and killed, though a few have managed to stay hidden from them. These ones are some of the most dangerous of the lot. 

This is not the only plot that can happen of course. This forum is open to a realm of possibilities. Everyone can have their own, and create their own adventures.===


Changeling- A Night World Role-Play

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